Other Products


Would you like a powerful communication tool for your company’s inner environment? Care to broadcast your very own information channel based on your latest news and featured content, with no effort from you? Umix creates unique corporate TV channels for your business.

  • IPTV technology
  • Exclusively designed templates to match your corporate style
  • Powerful communication tool
  • Instant response to every fresh update
  • No surprises – your trusted sources only

Mini TV stick

Mini TV stick is another corporate TV solution offered by UmixTV. Just connect this tiny device to your TV set, and enjoy pre-customized corporate television (transmission to a single TV set).

Website Video Widget

Have our media player embedded within your website to live broadcast its most latest featured content! Updates automatically as fresh content appears on the website.

  • High user engagement
  • Interactive and effortless
  • Broadcast your own TV channel in your unique style

Statistically proven to increase the customers average website visit duration by 10+ times!

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