Media Rectangle Banner

Don’t settle for average, be UNFORGETTABLE!

  • Light, fast, and interactive
  • High user engagement and click rate
  • Saves money and time on banner making
  • Live streaming from your chosen sources
  • Because your latest news deserve to get acknowledged

Our Media Rectangle Banner has standard dimensions of 300×200 pixels. This size is versatile and allows you to conveniently integrate media rectangle banner into websites with any layout type.

This particular banner incorporates the content from your social networks pages, news feeds, and rss feeds. The content is displayed in special templates designed in your corporate style. The output is dynamic and endless – it automatically updates using the news on your social networks pages and rss feeds.

Our banner plays in both flash and HTML5, depending on a device or a browser it is opened with.

  • Any websites that run standard size banners would run Media Rectangle Banner.
  • Any advertiser that has a Facebook page can have a customized Media Rectangle Banner created.
  • Instead of creating a banner for an advertiser, we can bring its existing news stream to a publishing website in a form of a beautiful looped movie as our banner is.

The banner making process is now

  • Extremely fast
  • Cheap
  • Secure
  • Reliable

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